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Pictures from YI1BGD visits

I spent a good bit of time in both Jordan and Iraq on business and was able to frequently operate from both locations. While operating QRP as a DX station is both fun and quite a challenge, I think the most impressive visit was when I saw JY1, the old King Hussein of Jordan.  I got a personally signed QSL card and a picture of the King at his station.

My friend, Walter Hediger lived in Amman for some time so every visit was delightful as I could have dinner with he and his family. We frequently traveled to Baghdad together and on more then one occasion had dinner with Majied at YI1BGD.

When I visited the Baghdad station I was always impressed to see how much equipment they had but I soon found out that most of it did not work. It had been donated but once it failed they had no spare parts to fix it. Therefore most of the equipment just gathered dust

This was the case with a L4B linear that had blown diodes and filter caps.

One evening we met for a beer at the club and using parts I had brought with me, we repaired the linear and got them back on the air.

QSL car from eyeball with JY1

Visit to YI1BGD in Baghdad to repair a Drake L4B

Majeed—at the operating position

That night we had a great time—and even though it is not shown in the pictures we had several beers to celebrate.


Walter and Mohammed did all of the work on the power supply. I brought parts from a Harris Linear that I had in country as spares so it is unlikely the power supply will ever blow again as these were rated to be used in a 5KW transmitter.

Walter at YI1BGD and the antenna system at the club station in Switzerland. From this station you can work anything you can hear.

I also got to operate the station for about two hours ...boy was that fun but really hard work to sort out all of the calls from each other. I can see how difficult it is for a DX station when they come up and generate a pile up. I was the only American to ever operate the station.