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I have spent most of my professional life traveling the world on business so my children have grown up knowing Dad was someplace in the world and that he would call when he could. As computers became easier to carry around I took to keeping a journal and would, when I could get an e-mail connection, send notes back to the kids. These were descriptions of my day or something of interest or something I saw or someone I met. They would be what I would have talked about in the evening with them if I had been home. The whole book is titled “letters from Dad”. I first used a 35mm camera but later used a very primitive Kodak digital camera to take pictures with.  As digital cameras got better I upgraded.

The first letter I did was from Syria during a trip in 1980. The book, Letters From Dad, started in 1998 when I started to carry a laptop and digital camera with me.

I have included the Syria letter and listed other letters I did after and during my first visits to the countries noted (I will post them as I get them edited). I did not do one for every country I visited (52 so far) but I have collected books from every country I visited. These are in a library for the grand children


I have written, and had published, numerous articles on technical subjects. Those that I have copies of are included here.


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