This is a listing of our projects and current interests. We have a separate section devoted to family.

The project is to develop a very inexpensive solar and wind system that will power our den.  This has been successful and will be expanded to include a garden watering system as well as power for  a storage building that is also my shop.

The wind turbine effort

The solar panels

The hybrid Renewable Energy (RE) system for the farm

Before Virginia, Barbara’s mother passed away we spent several years in caring for her and believe we learned a lot that we want to share

Small Renewable Energy System for our home and the CSA farm

Project listing  -  under construction and always expanding

I have long had an interest in Genealogy and with the help of my cousin, Jim Perkins, have compiled a partial historical listing of relatives and a family tree that includes pictures of some of the relatives and slides of Bill, my father, Mona, my mother, Herb and my sister, Carol.

Perkins Family History

Bill, my father, was an avid amateur archeologist and spent numerous years researching the New York Indian tribes and recovering artifacts. His collection was extensive and is now on display at several locations in the state. He published a number of articles on local ”dig sites” and did a lot of his own excavations.

William Perkins—amateur archeologist

Building a Solar oven and a solar dehydrator

Melton Family History   -  Barbara’s family

The solar oven project to assist my grand daughter in her home schooling science projects. Two ovens have been built. The first was a simple cardboard solar funnel while the second was a full sized oven that was used in a barter agreement for a bicycle that I could use while visiting grand daughters.

Insulating Paint:

To further reduce our heating and cooling bill we are repainting the interior of the house using “ceramic vacuum beads” mixed with our environmentally friendly paint. This is a product that our daughter, Kristie, has had great success with.  Once the project is complete and we have some useful data to review we will post additional comments.

Herb & Barbara our interests and family

Zadia with first solar oven

First dinner made in the solar oven. Zadia used a one quart canning jar  and made a simple one pot meal.

First effort a baking a small cake.

Zadia finishes construction