Solar panel installation update

Failed Panel Installation: Despite the rube Goldberg appearance, the panel does put out a bit more than 2.0 amps so I  can not consider it a total failure but it sure did not turn out the way I first thought it would.

I did a temporary installation after completing it and realized that if I were to orient the panel into the late afternoon sun I would extend my solar day to about 1830 CDST. I have had to orient the panels I have to different directions and angles because of the trees around my home and those of my neighbor. In taking this approach I have been able to extend my morning charge time and now my late afternoon charge time by two hours in the morning and three in the afternoon. With the shade on the other panels I am only able to get about 900 Ma out of the system. Now that the failed solar panel is installed facing due west, I am able to keep at least an additional 2.0 amps of charge.



Failed Panel

First Panel


Second Panel

Solar Panel installation:


As can be noted in these two pictures, the shading on the primary panels is almost total while the failed panel is in the direct afternoon sun.

These two views includes the harbor freight panels. It also shows that I have the panels oriented and angled differently.

Harbor Freight Panels

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