System Update 5/20/08

After installing the wind generator, I also installed a second inverter, a DC cut out and re-wired the whole system using 4 gauge wire. The pictures below are of the bread-board. I have not installed the PLC, the relay for the grid powered back up PWM charger or the additional regulator for the wind system. Once the testing is completed on the wind system I will install the regulator and wire it into the battery system.

DC cut off switch

12 volt CF—work light

New 300 watt inverter for the den

1200 watt inverter for the air conditioner in the bedroom

Solar Panel test point for measuring current

Updated System Diagram

A system update is planned.  —-  June 19, 2008


I will install solid state relays to control both a bulk charger and the present PWM charger. The bulk charger will be a 6 amp car battery charger. I have plans to build a fully regulated 20 amp charger with high and low cut out points that can be monitored by the micro controller. It will send monitoring data to my desk top PC.


The new bulk charger will be made from a salvaged (read—recycled) low voltage, high current, AC supply that was used to power a walk way lighting system. The control IC for the charger is a UC3906N. This can be set up to charge either SLA or AGM batteries and can be set to switch between these two types.



The first modification to the present system configuration will be to add a simple switch arrangement that will turn on/off the solid state relays that control which charger is put on line if a low voltage condition is detected. The logic signals will be controlled by a toggle switch and eventually transitioned to the micro controller logic pins. LED’s will show status and allow a quick determination of which charger is in use or if any charger is in use. The micro will determine, using the state of battery charge and available current from the solar system, which charger to bring on line.


The iron vane amp meter, for monitoring the solar panel output, has been replaced with a more accurate one and proper dump load resistors for the wind turbine have been installed. Shunts and voltage dividers for the micro controller inputs that will be used to measure voltage and currents within in the system have been built and are now being tested. An updated diagram will be posted when the testing has been completed.

DC system feed

PWM Solar regulator from Morningstar

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