Family Photographs

Barbara & Zadia

Son Rusty and Dad

Adelia at camp

Barbara and the Fox

Presidents Award to Barbara

Kristie in Norfolk, VA

Text Box: Wendy the wonder dog

Adelia by the water

Barbara and the wolf

Grandpa and Adelia

David and Zadia

David & Adelia

Kristie in Rochester

Adelia 2008

Kristie & Grandpa Bill

Daughter Kristie and Barbara

Wendy—the wonder dog

Kristie, Zadia & David at camp

Text Box: Shadow

Herb & Barbara our interests and family

Text Box: Chuck the attack cat
Text Box: Rusty in High School
Text Box: Visit to Dallas
Text Box: David & Kristie
Text Box: Kristie and Dad in the kitchen
Text Box: Kristie, Grandma Perkins and David
Text Box: Adelia and Zadia

Herb in the Navy

Text Box: Shadow
Text Box: Bear
Text Box: Pam & Barbara in Colorado
Text Box: Rusty Graduation with his family
Text Box: Rusty and Sharon on Graduation night
Text Box: Adelia
Text Box: Adelia and Zadia